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Why Choose Us?


We are committed to working proactively with you to set and achieve your goals and bring about lasting results. From assessment through treatment, we work closely with you to develop a special programme to your individual needs by helping you understand the underlying causes of your problems. Together we will create a strategy to enable you to reach your full potential. To facilitate this end, our team of Australian-led physiotherapists use the most innovative equipment and techniques, including Pilates, GYROTONIC and the Pneumex Posture Correction System.


Our Philosophy


We believe that every patient should be treated as an elite performer and that our job is to enable our patients to reach peak performance in everyday life. We are not a practice for those who are simply seeking reactive treatment. We are not a practice for passive patients, yet we will mentor those in need. We work closely with all our patients to help them understand the underlying causes of their problems and then create a strategy with them to achieve their full potential through education and development of their skills. Our innovative treatment approach creates a means for the patient to take responsibility in making the changes necessary to independently maintain an active physical life.


What Will You Achieve?


An understanding of the underlying causes of your problem, realignment and strengthening of your posture, an improved balance between strength and flexibility, and the means to independently maintain as active a physical life as possible.






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